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What Are The Merits And Demerits Of The Clear Labels?

clear labels

The clear labels are one of the most popular kind of the custom labels and if you look around you will see plenty of products that would have clear labels. The clear labels are the one from which you are able to see the content of the product or in some cases, the product bottles are coloured providing the background tint to the clear labels instead of the material colour of the label itself. If used for the correct product, the clear labels could prove to be very much beneficial but this is true that these are not made for all kinds of the products.


Show the product as well as the information:

With the clear label you are able to show the product to the consumers without the need to actually open the product and not only this but you are also able to convey the relevant information about the product as well as the design. This is one of the reasons why clear labels are extensively used in the baking products or food products because when the consumer is able to see the food item, it increases the appetize and thus the chances of him buying it.

Best for beverages:

As mentioned earlier, the reason for the use of the clear label in the food products and the same reason can be applied to the beverages as well.


Another reason why the clear labels help in increasing the sales and the consumption is that when the customer is able to see the product whether it be the food item, any drink or any kind of other item, the trust level increases as the product looks fresh and as advertised and the customer can see through it. It is the reason why many cosmetic products use the clear labels because people prefer to look at the colour as well as the texture when buying the makeup especially.



Limitation on colours:

The reason why many companies would like to avoid the clear labels is when they have the products whose colour could change over the time and the colour of the product could cause the readability issue in the text of the clear labels. Therefore, it needs to be carefully planned that which colour of the text would go well with the colour of the product.


Sometimes, in case of some beverages and cosmetic products there could be bubbling happening and this could also cause the design problem in the clear labels such as causing distraction and difficulty reading the label or the information.


Above factors state that it requires some planning in order for the clear labels to work as effectively as these are and therefore, when ordering for the clear labels, make sure that you customized it according to the products for which these will be used.