Month: December 2020

What Is The Function Of The Cylinder Head?

An engine is a complex machine that works in harmony with countless other parts to keep running perfectly. A combustion engine’s main part that plays a vital role in keeping it running is the cylinder. There are a couple of cylinders in an engine and every one of them is covered with a metal plate known as a cylinder head. This part is very important and can get easily damaged if not looked after properly. Cylinder head reconditioning in melbourne is a time-consuming and tiring process that reconditions the cylinder heads and make them as good as new. Your car’s engine may require an over-all engine reconditioning after a couple of years of usage and it is better to get all the spare parts reconditioned then and there.

  • Functions of the cylinder head

A cylinder is a complex piece of machine-made further of various small but very important parts. The cylinder head has a piston that makes the transmission of gases into the shaft, the bottom part of the cylinder head is called the chamber and it gives space for fuel that will eventually ruin the engine. During the process of engine reconditioning, all the parts are cleaned and fixed back in their place. Some of the functions of a cylinder head are mentioned below.

  • It serves as a support to mount different parts of the engine such as ducts, plugs and shafts.
  • It contains outlet as well as inlet valves that are a crucial part of the engine.
  • It contains oils, coolants, and gases that are an important part of the combustion engine.
  • Cylinder head reconditioning helps keep the engine cool and stops it from getting heated up.
  • Serves as the engine’s control powerhouse and keeps it running smoothly.
  • Uses water and air to cool down the engine as soon as it starts to heat up.
  • Some of the cylinder head also contains antifreeze liquid that works faster and effectively to keep it cool.

The cylinder heads usually come in three types based on the mechanism they are built on. Below are the types mentioned in detail, in simple words?

  • Loop-flow

In this type of cylinder, the manifolds are built on the same side that produces the inlet and outlet of air heating. This type of cylinder heads can be renewed in engine reconditioning and placed back at their original place.

  • In-line cross-flow

This type of cylinder head is quite costly hence not much used. Some of the luxury cars come with this type of cylinder head reconditioning which acts very efficiently in cooling the heated engine down instantly. Both the inlet and exhaust are placed on the same side of this.

  • Off-set cross-flow

This type of cylinder head has inlet and exhaust valves on different sides, it is quite commonly used and can be found in almost all combustion engines for more info click here.