Month: October 2022

Pros And Cons Of Upvc Windows

upvc windows installations

Whenever you think of installing windows, there is no confusion that which material will be used in windows because people usually believe that windows come in only aluminium frames.  But now the trend is changing quickly because people are preferring other materials for Windows like upvc.  The aluminium or upvc window seems the same unless you watch them very closely.  The process of upvc windows installations is also the same as that of the other windows. Upvc is durability and better price people are preferring upvc over the aluminium window. When you look into the benefits of upvc windows undoubtedly it seems to be a very practical and economical choice.

But like any other material upvc also have some drawbacks. We will be listing down the pros and cons of upvc windows.



Usually, windows last for decades or more rather it is made of aluminium or wood.  The same is the case with the upvc window. The advantage of upvc windows is that it is comparatively cheaper than aluminium and wood.  And when you will be getting the same lifetime and performance of the window with the cheaper material everybody will prefer to choose that.  Anyone who is making a building or a house is always concerned about the budget and prices. Opting for a upvc windows insulation can save them significant money.


Better insulation: 

The insulation of the upvc window is the same as of the aluminium window when you will be using double glazing.  The benefit of double glazing is that it helps to reduce the temperature inside the building and it dissipates the heat from the light that is coming inside the building.  The same can be applied in the case of upvc windows and upvc itself is a very good insulator.  As it is made of a reason so it will be insulating heat better than aluminium which is metal. You can get the benefits of double glazing in lighter frame of upvc


Lightweight:  the upvc window is lightweight as compared to the aluminium.  This is the benefit of UPC windows because of their light weight they can easily be moved in their panel.




Inferior look:

Undoubtedly nothing matches the look of the wooden or aluminium window.  The quality of the finish that can be achieved on aluminium or wooden windows may not be possible on upvc windows.  This can be the prime reason that people prefer to void upvc windows when they are not short of budget.



Aluminium is a metal and if you will compare its strength with upvc then there is no match of metal. This is also the problem with the upvc windows as they are not structurally as strong as the aluminium windows.  With time the upvc will sag and sash Due to weak structural strength.  This may result in the replacement of the damaged or loose panels after a while.